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Praise, Thanks and Exaltation - Modes of Worship Part 2

Praise, Thanks and Exaltation - Modes of Worship Part 2

What is worship? Why do we worship? How do we worship? Previously we discussed the notion of worship as preparation, and we move now to the concept of worship as praise, thanks and exaltation.

Worship as praise, thanks and exaltation

This is frequently a kind of worship that can be observed in King David through The Psalms.

There is something about being thankful and expressing to God how great and worthy of praise He is that glorifies and pleases Him. God inhabits praise, giving thanks is His will for us and the first commandment (in both Old and New Testaments) refers to putting God first and loving God above all else (see Exodus 20:3 and Matthew 22:37). Our worship expresses this love and places God on the throne of our hearts.

It seems that there is something truly humbling in this act as we make way for God to inhabit our realm. We decrease that He may be increased, yet the greatest irony is that in our decreasing He lifts us up.

In the context of the worship we engage with in the Still Worship Band, or in our own personal times of worship, this praise and thanks to God moves us from the act of playing or singing to worshipping God from our hearts. We find ourselves lifting our voices to glorify God, both individually but also inviting everyone to join with us.

Here, we perhaps become far less conscious of the music we are making and move into the real of the vertical, us giving up our praise to God.